GRIP MECHATRONICS PVT.LTD, has become a well-established name in the area of retrofits and special machinery for over 8 TO 10 years thanks to the dedication and hard work of our experienced staff.
Retrofit by GRIP MECHATRONICS PVT.LTD. can get your milling, grinding, turning and special machinery from a wide range of manufacturers back into top shape at just a fraction of the cost of a new acquisition. Regardless of whether you need a general overhaul or a modernisation of your machine tools. Comprehensive knowledge of the industry along with in-depth.
Know-how about various machine types form the basis of the strict demands we set for ourselves and for our company philosophy. Our references include a long list of renowned companies from Germany and throughout Europe.

Does your company have a boring mill or a milling centre? Would you like to refurbish a cylindrical grinding machine, a flat grinding machine, a centre-less machine, a special grinding machine, a turning machine or a roller-turning machine?

Retrofitting reduces costs
Save yourself from those expensive new acquisitions! Updating your existing machinery will save on costs. With our targeted HDC Retrofit, existing machine tools can be brought back into shape for a fraction of the cost of a new acquisition. The cost for acquiring a new machine generally results in triple the cost of a retrofit, and the results are identical. In addition, retrofitting also avoids the “additional costs” associated with switching machines, such as those for tools, foundations, changes to work processes, staff training sessions and time lost due to familiarisation. Your staff members can continue to work on the machines just as before since the familiar layout and design of the old machine will remain the same after the retrofit.

Retrofit - The result
• Quality
• Efficiency
• Durability
• Production volumes
• Energy savings

Retrofits significantly extend the service life of your machines and facilities. They achieve a higher level of efficiency and generally result in notable energy savings for the modernised machine tools. For extending service life and increasing machine availability, we also recommend conducting regular maintenance measures and chemically cleaning your machines, if necessary.
Spindle service for motor, turning& milling spindles.
HDC Spindle Service offers quick, reliable and professional comprehensive solutions for the repair of defective spindles. Our HDC Spindle Service is a specialist in motor spindles, grinding spindles, lathe spindles and milling spindles. Along with the high-tech equipment in our workshop, you can take advantage of the high level of expertise and performance offered by our service staff.
Spindle service - disassembly and inspections
For every disassembly, our spindle service specialists start by monitoring all of the associated details. They record the results and measurements in a test report and then asset the findings together with the customer in order to coordinate and plan the subsequent steps.

Our spindle service includes the following processes:
• Inspection of all components
• Electrical testing
• Insulation measurement of the motor elements
• Measurement of resistance in thermal sensors
• Inspection of bearing seat
• Check of running fit in the cylinder

Once the spindle has been measured, checked, balanced and adjusted, the inspection concludes with a vibration analysis. Now that the spindle is once again fully functional, it goes back into production as soon as possible. And, of course, we provide you with all of the measurement results along with our output report.

Repair and Spare Parts

Electrical components for machine tools
We take care of the overhaul, repair and replacement of your control components. As a regular supplier in the “Overhaul of control components”, we are ideally positioned, qualified and certified. We clean, test, repair and certify all components of your CNC machine. Whether drive controller, PCU, HMI, motors, spindles, measuring systems or other components of your system – we are there for you!

Our possibilities:
• Repair of control components
• Constant availability of reconditioned and tested components
• Provision and installation of new components
• Efficient exchange part cycle
• Product-independent spare parts resources
• PCU, TCU, drive controller and much more

Your advantages:
• Express repair on request
• High availability of spare parts

Mechanical assemblies
We take care of the overhaul, repair and exchange of your mechanical assemblies.
Do you need help or replacement for assemblies? Talk to us – we are happy to help.
We overhaul your assemblies such as spindles, revolvers, rotary tables, milling heads and much more. You can also order spare parts or entire assemblies in exchange from us and have them made according to a sample.

Spare parts and assemblies:
• Bezels
• Tailstocks
• Headstock
• Main spindles
• Counter spindles
• Tool turret
• Gear units
• Milling spindles
• Final drives
• Rotary tables
• Hydraulic units

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