Oil circulation systems are used for lubrication and cooling of bearings and gearboxes. Particularly in the case of large or high-speed bearings or gearboxes, where a high temperature load is present due to the rotational speed or ambient temperature, oil circulation lubrication offers advantages over conventional lubrication.
In contrast to consumption lubrication, circulation of the oil from the lubrication point to the oil reservoir must be provided for. Reuse of the oil should provide sufficient filtration to ensure functional safety.

Automatic central lubrication systems ensure central supply of the lubrication points. They reduce energy costs and maintenance and increase the life of the machine.
Unlike the manual process, the automated process provides the required lubricant in small intervals, ensuring that there is always enough but not too much lubricant. Progressive distributor of a central lubrication on a construction machine. In addition to the task of lubrication.

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