Products and Specifications

CNC high pressure vise with constant length for high precision workpieces on machining centres, for horizontal and vertical use

High pressure vise, ALLMATIC compatible and with mechanical force intensifier

Bull pneumatic, Pneumatic high pressure vise with draw-in system and patented clamping range adjustment for serial parts. Effortless clamping.

Bull 5-S, Flexible mechanical compact vise for 5-sided machining and for clamping raw parts. Flexibly adjustable to the workpiece through the use of different jaws.

K5, Innovative 5-sided machining, With an optimal accessibility for the machine tool to the workpiece during 5-side machining

ZS, Centering vise for 5-sided machining, Conventional with clamping claws on machine table or automation with base plate adapted according to customer wishes

Syncroline ,Single and centering vise, also for 5-sided machining. Versatile application on all machines.

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